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>> Compendium of scientific, medical, and media findings… OVERVIEW
>> trifold brochure:  Stop legal confiscation of your property rights!
(see also:  ‘Why have your legislators allowed…’, below)

IDAHO(new gas/oilfield)-SPECIFIC:
CAIA position on SB 1339, legislative needs
>> Actions you could take
>> Idaho oil & gas legislative history
>> Idaho State oil & gas leases as of 10/2016
>> Questions to ask your Idaho lawmakers / How to contact your Idaho lawmakers
>> Sample letter to lawmakers (RE HB 464 & HB 50)
>> Why have your legislators allowed fracking in Idaho?
>> Why the “fracking or no fracking” issue is a smoke-screen
(see also:  ‘Idaho A.G. letter of 1-25-2016: Negative Impact of Oil and Gas Leases on Mortgages’, under MORTGAGE EFFECTS, below)
(see also:  ‘How to search your property’s title records…’, under PROPERTY RIGHTS, SPLIT ESTATES:, below)
(see also:  ‘Moody’s downgrades Alta Mesa [yet again]’…, under LEASING, Liabilities for those who lease:, below)
(see also:   ‘What is forced pooling…’, pg. 2 (Alta Mesa actions), under PROPERTY RIGHTS, FORCED POOLING:, below)

Health risks/harms of modern gas extraction
(see also:  ‘Compendium…OVERVIEW’, above)

Development companies use leases as security for financing
>> Liabilities for those who lease: Sharing the pain? / Moody’s downgrades Alta Mesa [yet again] to Caa1; outlook negative
>> Questions you may want to ask a lawyer and/or tax attorney before signing a gas & oil lease
>> Questions you might want to get answered by the developer before signing a gas & oil lease

>> Unless your bank will hold the mortgage rather than selling it on to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, your property ownership could be at risk
>> Huntley Law Firm letter
>> PNC mortgage partial release requirements letter
>> Idaho A.G. letter of 1-25-2016: Negative ‘Impact of Oil and Gas Leases on Mortgages’

>> Insurance issues for drilling and fracking
>> What harm can a gas lease do to my insurability?
>> GEICO earthquake insurance letter

>> Property devaluation: Thanks to gas & oil development
(see also:   ‘Development companies use leases…’, under LEASING, above)

>> FORCED POOLING:  What is forced pooling and why should you care?
>> Suggestions for homeowners being force-pooled
>> SPLIT ESTATES:  What if you don’t even own your mineral rights? / Idaho State oil & gas leases as of 5/15/2015
>> How to search your property’s title records: Do you own your land’s mineral rights?
(see also:  ‘trifold brochure’, under OVERVIEW, above)

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