Model O&G Ordinance

C.A.I.A. Draft Protective Oil & Gas ORDINANCE

Two new city Oil & Gas ordinances were developed and signed into law in Idaho in 2018, with the support of CAIA members and other citizens:  in Eagle and Fruitland, whose council members responded to the following:

Here are links to the CAIA Draft Protective Oil & Gas Ordinance and supporting documentation…

Included in the flash drive for counties/cities:

Also for your reference:
IAC-O&G-ordinance‘  .pdf  (crafted by industry, IAC, AIC, IDL)

This is the EAGLE CITY ORDINANCE, currently the strongest in the state:
https://www.sterlingcodi  (SEE sections J & K under 8.3.5 ‘Unique Land Uses’, “Oil and Gas Extraction” & “Oil and Gas Post-Extraction”)

CAIA offers to put on a brief presentation to Idaho county/city leadership on request:

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