Video Gallery:

Special meeting presentation to Eagle City Council on oil & gas in Idaho - Edited video of CAIA and other presenters and community speakers in Eagle, ID on October 20, 2015
Eagle, Idaho Community Gas Forum, 11/2015 - Full video of CAIA's November 4, 2015 forum held at Eagle High School, focusing on state leasing, CAIA's challenge to Idaho's first forced pooling in Fruitland, health effects and community effects of gas & oil development.  Guests were Marc McCord of Dalls, TX, CAIA attorney Nick Warden, and, via Skype, Calvin Tillman (former mayor of DISH, TX) and Dr. Yuri Gorby (of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in NY, who was in the home of a woman in West Virginia who also testified to local deleterious heath issues).

Gem County Community Gas Forum, 6/2015 - Full video of CAIA's June 9, 2015 presentation in Emmett, ID focusing on property issues:  mortgages and insurance, property devaluation, earthquake information, and testimonies of Ron Gulla of Pennsylvania and Cathy McMullen of Denton, TX, both of whom have experienced gas development on their land and in their communities.
Warning from Wyoming - Video presentation of cattle rancher John Fenton, whose family has experienced gas development firsthand:  health impacts, soil/water/air contamination, degrading G&O infrastructure over time, social ills, non-disclosure agreements for those who settle = "no evidence", buying of votes - "It's not about energy independence, it's about human rights.  If I drink water, and breathe air, and eat food, this is my business."

Split Estate - Documentary about those who don't own their own mineral rights; and about the effects of gas development on householders and communities in general.

No Second Chance - County legislators in upstate New York speak about decisions on how to deal with toxic wastes from gas wells - "There's no margin of error - there's no second chance."

Fracking: An Inconvenient Truth - Begins with animated view of the fracking process.  Next is a British documentary on the Marcellus Shale, including interviews with engineering professor Dr. Tony Ingraffea of Cornell University - "Natural gas burns cleaner than any other fossil fuel - but it is not cleaner in its life cycle. ... conclusively that the life cycle cost in terms of carbon dioxide emission and methane emission, from the development of gas from unconventional sources like shale, is at least as dirty as coal."  Also encompasses tour of Garfield County, CO gasfield; includes info on property devaluation.  Ends with info on new Ohio earthquakes.

Gasland - Homegrown documentary by Pennsylvanian Josh Fox details:  private landowners' experiences with gas developers in PA, Colorado, Wyoming, and Texas; scientists' data; and political maneuverings in the U.S. of the gas industry.

Gasland Part II - Second installment, 3 years later, with emphasis on inevitable well failures and political machinations of industry proponents.
GasWork: The Fight for CJ/s Law - Josh Fox has most recently researched the harms continually being done to workers in the gas fields.

BOOM: North America's Explosive Oil-by-Rail Problem - About why oil - and gas - being shipped by railroad is so dangerous:  aging RR infrastructure, and the widespread use of old tanker cars, designed for non-flammable oils, for transport of flammables.

Faith Against Fracking - A number of faith leaders from multiple religious traditions speak to the need to protect our communities and the earth from extreme fossil fuel extraction.